Private healthcare provider 1

Strategic Marketing


Saffron Steer was asked to assist the ‘account management’ initiative focusing on improving relationships with consultants across one of the client’s national regions.

What was done

  • Challenged senior management thinking about the competitive position and differentiation of the group
  • Liaised with the Medical Director in constructing a workshop for northern managers
  • Delivered a 1-day ‘Doing and learning’ workshop sharing sharing new ideas and setting up a new methodology for enabling and assessing the effect of future consultant engagement initiatives
  • Linked this initiative to the strategic growth objectives for the individual hospitals and the hospital group as a whole


Delivered a systematic and proactive consultant engagement plan which now forms a foundation for growth in local hospitals. As a direct result they have realised:

  • Commercial benefits – increased profitability and efficiency
  • A shift from a position of limited development opportunity to one that now presents multiple growth opportunities