East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT)


Saffron Steer was invited to support the clinical/commercial due diligence and mobilisation of ELFT’s new Bedfordshire Community Health Services contract. Having chaired the Project Mobilisation Board for ELFT over the 4 month project, and alongside their partners Cambridge Community Health Services (CCS), we ensured a smooth transition of services on April 1st.  We were then asked to lead the transformation of a Single Point of Access across the county. We had 6 months to do this!

What was done

  • Set the vision for a new ‘clinical coordination service’, (NOT a contact centre) where clinicians connect, pathways are transformed and patient outcomes are realised
  • Led a multispecialty transformation team, coordinating the building of new infrastructure, new teams and new processes
  • Introduced a disciplined, action focused meeting schedule given the short time scales to get things done
  • Developed leadership in the middle management team
  • Fuelled a multi-stakeholder engagement programme including commissioners, primary care and internal teams


Ensured the delivery of a new, streamlined, safer and better resourced Clinical Coordination Centre for Bedfordshire Community Health Services, which successfully went ‘live’ on October 1, 2018 and is now saving clinical time and building ELFT’s reputation in a new market

The SPoA is the first tangible deliverable that ELFT has been able to demonstrate to commissioners within its 5-year transformation programme.