Macmillan Cancer Support

Strategic Marketing, Strategy Development


Saffron Steer was asked to help Macmillan Cancer Support describe and cost their specialist palliative care services in Hull. This review was undertaken to inform a ministerial briefing on the shift towards community based specialist palliative care (SPC) and how this might be rolled out across the UK. This work was done with Apteligen.

What was done

  • Mapping the provision of SPC services in Hull across all relevant agencies (hospice, NHS Trust, Macmillan, community provider, CCG)
  • In depth interviews across these stakeholders
  • Conducted a site visit to Hull to understand assessment and referral pathways for SPC in Hull
  • Collating and analysing cost data from Macmillan, the CCG and local providers
  • Triangulating these costs against the national Choice Review’s figures
  • Presented our findings to Macmillan’s leadership at a Community of Practice seminar


Helping Macmillan to identify the essential conditions for transformation and improvement that might be more widely adopted

Macmillan used our findings to inform, then Health Minister, Ben Gummer before the Choice Review was discussed in Parliament