Pilgrims Hospices, East Kent

Strategy Development


Saffron Steer worked with Pilgrims Hospices – the 2nd largest UK hospice (revenues £13M) – over 12 months on a full strategic review which addressed the client’s financial deficit, inefficiencies, lack of reach and lack of real influence in the wider health and social care system.

What was done

  • Developed an acquisition and marketing strategy, drawing on market and organisational insights
  • Built this strategy with the wider MDT and National Accounts Team
  • Brought focus to the core messaging for the most important of their audience/target groups
  • Designed and guided the implementation of the first integrated campaign to promote the service
  • Aligned scare resources to tasks
  • The above was all collated into a practical “toolkit” that the team could use for future promotional efforts


A new strategy was delivered, positioning the organisation for future influence, reach and impact, while addressing the financial deficit for future sustainability
New Board/Exec governance and engagement processes were enabled
NOTE: The contract was extended twice by the client based on a number of positive organisational outcomes that we continued to deliver